Lecture 5.0 : User Personas

User Personas

  • They are fictional users, representative of our real users; a representation of our goals and behaviour of a hypothesised group of users.
  • Synthesised from interviews with real user, it is a 1-2 paged descriptions that capture:
    • age
    • sex
    • occupation
    • hobbies
    • likes/dislikes
    • other details germane to the product such as
      • behaviour patterns
      • goals
      • skills
      • attitudes
      • their environment (context)
  • What? Defining personas allow us to define what tasks a user might be completing. Would it vary depending on persona?
  • What? What devices are your users most likely to user? mobile phones (higher with users in their twenties)
  • How? Users who want to browse vs Users who want specific content.
    • task depended or user dependant, Browse and search.

Artefact Personas

  • Product personality questions:
    • If the interface were a person, what would she or he be like?
    • How would you expect users to react when they first view the product?
    • How would you describe this product to a friend?
    • How is the product different from competitive products?
    • Which celebrity (or car, movie, etc.) is the product most like?
      • Most like?
      • Why?

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