Elevator Pitch

How often do you run late for class? say an early morning lecture sneaks up on you? guess you’ll have to go it without coffee? But that’s where give me caffeine comes in. GMC is an application, that allows you to order a coffee from anywhere on campus, customize, and pay for it, all that’s left to do, is pick it up. The unique customization and simplicity allows movement with ease, especially without caffeine in your system.

User Persona


  • Personas environment
  • Personas mentality
  • Impetus motivations
  • External factors impacting use


Scenario #1

Georgia sat on the crowded 9am train from Penrith to Parramatta, the wet weather making the train seem extra crowded, and noisy. Already running late, the constant chatter of other riders made her irritation peak, she had woken up late, having forgotten to charge her phone the night before, barely having time to fix her hair and brush her teeth, let alone have her morning muffin and coffee. Now sitting on the train heading for university, she found herself annoyed at the smallest of things, the tapping of the old guy’s foot, the business woman smacking the keys on her laptop. “Coffee” she said, “I need coffee”. Thankful for her portable phone charger, Georgia unlocked her phone. Clicking on the Give Me Caffeine app she logged into her account. She chose the coffee shop, Rawr, from her University campus and continued through her order. Selecting coffee, she chose her Large iced coffee, with and extra shot, and added it to her tray, she then went back to the menu and chose food. One blueberry muffin, added to her tray. Clicking on her tray she decided to add the order to her favourites before completing her order, and choosing a “pick up” time. Having already added her payment details to her account, placing her order was smooth and easy, selecting to pick her order up in 20 minutes just before class. After processing her app interface presented an order timer screen, which told her the progress of her order. Georgia sighed, sat back in her seat and waited for the train to pull into her station.

Scenario #2

The dry air on campus seemed to be extra blistering today as Michael sat underneath a tree on the front oval, doing some lecture readings on his phone. The heat making his clothes seem too tight as sweat glued them to his body in the most uncomfortable way. The bottle of water Michael had refilled what only seemed an hour ago, was long empty, a tap was nowhere in sight, his mouth becoming dry and parched. Exiting his reading Michael opening the Give Me Caffeine app on his phone. Logging in, he selected the closest coffee shop on campus to where he was, and continued to the order screen. Selecting Cold and then Tea, Michael order a large cold mango iced tea and added it to his ‘tray’. Selecting his tray to complete his order Michael, confirmed payment and processed his order, requesting it to be ready ASAP, thankful for already saving his payment method to his account. The screen showed his order progress, as Michael stood up, picked up his bag and headed off to collect his order.

Unpacking an App : Western Sydney U

Information Architecture

Tools/modules in order (this is the default order, prior to being reorganised):

  1. Maps
  2. Directory
  3. Events
  4. Emergency
  5. vUWS
  6. MyIT
  7. Students
  8. Central
  9. Library
  10. Shuttle
  11. Help
  12. Services
  13. Wellbeing
  14. Careers
  15. Gradlife
  16. Videos
  17. News
  18. Residences
  19. Books
  20. Food
  21. Social
  22. Summer
  23. Clubs
  24. Sport

How are they clustered/organised and can you suggest categories for the modules?

The modules aren’t particularly organized, they are assorted and do not have a consistent flow that progresses throughout both screens. The user can rearrange them however that doesn’t provide ease or convenience; having to flick between screens, can become rather intimidating. The application will benefit by grouping and categorising them based on utility, as well as maintaining the ability to move things around, allowing the user to customise based on priority.

Category suggestions include: “Travel”, “Social”, “Education”, “Emergency”, “Assistance”

Site flow map:


User Experience Flow

Typical user flow:


Are there any tasks or activities missing from the app?

The application is well equipped with a large variety of options and links that help improve the user experience, employing majority of the links that would be featured on the university webpage. Adding direct links to email and/or allocate systems, could be greatly beneficial in terms of the app usage.

User Interface

Is the app easy to use and navigate? What changes would you suggest? 

The application is easy to use, once familiar with its features, however to a user not “tech savvy”, it would become more of a task.

  • Minimise the intimidation, so many applications all the place makes it hard for a user to gain access to what they want/need.
  • Some links such as videos, seem rather pointless, maybe culling the irrelevant or underused ones, or even an option to remove from the home screen.
  • it isn’t clear that there are two pages of links, the dots at the bottom may need to be moved or removed, having two screens isn’t user-friendly.
  • Changing the order of the apps is a possibility! however, how would a first-time user know? the app would benefit by introducing a mini “tutorial” on application download or a “settings” button to help the user in their navigation and customisation.
  • The user flow needs refining and clarification, while clicking through the links, buttons such as “back” and the arrows need to be clearer in their use. Back, should be replaced by “home” as it takes the user back to the home screen, whereas the arrows allow you to toggle between the shuttle campus options and the shuttle map view.

Visual Design

How would you describe the visual design?

The application is clean and maintains a typical IOS design layout, consisting of standard icons, representing each link. The WSU logo featured towards the bottom of the screen.

Does it match the university’s brand image?

The design is consistent with the brand image, maintaining the use of the university’s colour scheme, and simple, one-dimensional icons.

What improvements could be made?

The application design is dull and insipid, and holds virtually no appealing qualities, it could be improved by developing a more graphically fun layout and style, as well as a minimization of the eyesore red that the designer has blatantly overused.

Visual Design Remake




When redesigning the university app, I considered how myself as a user would prefer the app to look and the links to be accessible. I removed the lightning bolt icon, and replaced it with a settings one, that can be more easily noticed at the top left hand corner of the screen, from here the user will be able to access “customization tools”, I have also moved the screen number “dots” to the top, again to be more noticeable. The links I have categorized into 6 groups, which will allow the user to navigate more easily throughout the app.